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Vitamin D

Vitamin D is not only a vitamin, but a prohormone, as a hormone our body makes and as a nutrient we eat. Its main source is Sun. Vitamins are nutrients that we consume in the daily diet. However, our body produce vitamin D. It is essential for making strong bones, teeth and supporting to immune, brain, and nervous system. It can also reduce cancer cell growth, help to control infection and reduce inflammation.

Vitamin D deficiency Symptoms-

Our body demands Vitamin D and its deficiency push to various health problems. There are several symptoms like- Reguler infection or Sickness, Back or Muscle Pain, Fatique and Mood changes, Weakness in Bones, Increasing weight etc.

If deficiency continues for long time it can be caused for -

  1. Neurological diseases and Autoimmune Problems occure
  2. Heart disease and High Blood Pressure or Diabetes
  3. Pregnancy Complications
  4. Chances of Breast, Prostate and colon cancer

Sources of Vitamin D

Main source of vitamin D is Sun, daily 10-15 minutes sunlight consumption is sufficient.
healthy food which have enough vitamin D and nutritional supplements also can be a option.

Test Parameters (03)

  • VITAMIN - D, D2, D3